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п»їAverage Human Dick Size: Average Male Penis Girth - What Is The Average Dick Size

Average Human Dick Size: Average Male Penis Girth - What Is The Average Dick Size
Most men do not seem to be happy with their current penile size. It is presumed that the average penile length is about 6 inches. There have been a couple of surveys to determine the average penile size but they show rather inconsistent results. Here are the results a few surveys:
Average Penis Length and Girth :
One of such surveys was conducted by Dr. Kinsey in the late 1940s and involved about 3500 college men. The results revealed average penile length as 6.21 inches and girth as 4.85 inches in erect state. However, the results remain highly debated since these men were asked to measure their penises in private and mark their size on a postcard.
Survey conducted by Durex Condoms reveal penile length of 6.4 inches and girth of 5.2 inches. Another survey done by Lifestyle Condoms show penile length to be 5.87 inches and girth as 4.97 inches.
As, such there is a large variation between the results of such surveys. Nonetheless, it can be presumed that most common penile length is between 5.4 to 6.3 inches and girth is between the range of 5.2 to 5.4 inches.
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How to Increase Penile Length and Girth
Whatever be the most common penile size, the fact of the matter is that most men are not satisfied with their current penile length and girth and think that they would be better off with a few extra inches added to their male genitalia.
A lot of methods and techniques have been devised to enhance penile length and girth. Though some of them have failed miserably, some methods can ensure real and permanent penile growth.
These methods include penile exercises and traction devices. Both these techniques can work independently to ensure real and natural penile growth. Exercises are more commonly known as Jelqs and are backed with clinical evidence that suggests their effectiveness as a means of real penile enlargement. These exercises help expand the erectile tissue so that it can hold more blood resulting in bigger and thicker erections.
Similarly, a traction device, when worn regularly, ensures tissue expansion by exerting longitudinal pressure along the length of the shaft through traction. It can be said that a traction device is an automatic way of performing jelqs.
Though both these methods are highly effective, most experts recommended using natural pills with either of these for overall sexual enhancement.
For instance, exercises combined with natural pills not only result in faster penile growth but can also do wonders for your sex drive, libido and staying power so that you can enjoy more intense orgasms and fulfilling sex. Natural pills are formulated with herbs that have been used as libido enhancers for ages and not only increase blood flow to the pubic region but also help penile muscles to relax so that more blood can be allowed into the erectile tissue resulting in more fuller and meatier erections.
There are some high quality pills that come with free access to exercise programs so that you can get the dual benefit.
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A lot of men wonder whether penis enlargement exercises actually work. Well, the short of it is that they do. However, if you really want your penis exercises to work, you will need to learn a little more about the effective exercises out there and how to make the most of them. It would also help to learn exactly what goes on while you do each exercise, as well.
In a nutshell, penis enlargement exercises refer to natural tactics that a ton of men all over the world use to slowly but permanently make their manhood longer and wider. To get the job done, new cell growth is stimulated in the penis's corpora cavernosa. Then, once the new cells have been made and added onto that part, the penis will get longer and wider as needed.
The penis's corpora cavernosa consists of two chambers along the length of the penis, which fill up with blood whenever a man gets around. This is what brings about erections to begin with. Aside from that, though, these chambers are also known to bring about the actual thickness and overall size of a man's manhood when experiencing an erection.
Penis enlargement exercises do more than just stimulate the corpora cavernosa, though. They also target the PC muscles, or pubococcygeus muscles, which are in control of ejaculation. If the exercises can effectively strengthen these muscles, you will also be able to improve your staying power and your overall sexual performance in turn.
As with other regular physical exercises, exercising and stimulating the different penile muscles and tissues in your body with penis enlargement exercises also come with various benefits.
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The first benefit that comes with these exercises is their ability to improve penile blood circulation. With this improved circulation, your erections will get stronger and harder. Plus, they will last much longer. In some cases, men have even reported that they have gotten better control over their ejaculations. Obviously, this will greatly increase your satisfaction and pleasure in bed, as well.
To start here is one of the basic exercises that you can look into. Called the Towel Lift, all that you will need to get started are a few minutes of privacy and a flannel lightweight washcloth.
The first step is to get an erection. After that, put your washcloth on top of your erection and near the base of it. Your main goal here would be to lift your washcloth by flexing your penis and then relaxing it again and bringing it back to the first position.
The ideal number of repetitions done for this each time would be 25 and you can do the exercise every other day. If you don't have strong PC muscles, though, then you might have to start slow until you are able to do the 25 repetitions. Don't worry if you aren't able to finish 25 on the first try. There is no need to strain yourself. Just keep practicing and working out your PC muscles with time. Soon after that, you should be able to get those 25 reps done with ease.
Naturally, the most important thing to keep in mind, however, would be to stay safe. After all, any injury incuded to your penis might have serious repercussions in the end. So, before trying out any penis enlargement exercise workout, in general, make sure you find out if the source that you got it form is actually trustworthy and reliable. Also, make sure that the exercises are both safe and effective, so that you don't need up wasting your time on them for nothing at the end.
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Natural penis enlargement exercises are some of the safest ways to enhance your penis size. You just need to make sure that you get your exercise tips and advice from sources that are reputable and reliable and have already been around for a long time. This will ensure that you actually end up with the gains that you are looking for in the end.
When considering trying out natural penis enlargement exercises for your enlargement needs, the first thing that you need to do is figure out what kind of results you want to get out of them to begin with. After all, if you have the right mindset and the right expectations at hand before actually jumping into the world of natural penis enlargement exercises, you will definitely end up happier and much more satisfied with the end results of your effort, time and hard work.
The very first thing that you need to come to terms with is the fact that you will actually have to work hard in order to get what you want. In other words, you can't just expect great benefits and results if you don't have any plans to work hard to get them. Unlike surgery and pills, which are much riskier and usually promise positive results without too much effort and time on your part, you will have to devote a lot of effort and time into natural penis enlargement exercises in order to get anything out of them.
The good news is, though, that also unlike surgery and pills, exercises are much more legitimate. Plus, they can provide you with results that are real and last much longer. Again, though: you have to make sure that you choose good exercises to follow. You will also need a bit of patience when it comes to these exercises because it could take a few weeks before you actually see any results form your hard work and effort.
EXPOSED: How To Increase Your Penis Size Naturally Without Surgery, Pills, Suction Devices Or Crazy Contraptions!
The best part is that the results that you will get from these natural penis enlargement exercises are going to be permanent. This is probably the best advantage that these exercises have over the rest of the other penis enlargement methods out there. With other devices, such as penis pumps, you will have to use them continuously in order to reap the benefits from them. You may need follow-up procedures and maintenance care, as well. Since you will be stimulating your penis in an all-natural method with exercises, though, you won't just improve your penile functions, but get a lot of other benefits out of the deal, too.
You will experience better circulation in your penis, for example, which will then lead to stronger and firmer erections overall. You will also experience more energy, as well as better ejaculation control. In other words, you will get to hold your ejaculation back for much longer and thus satisfy and pleasure your sexual partners for much longer and in a better manner.
Now, when it comes to penis size improvements, you are probably wondering how much of an improvement you can expect out of these natural penis enlargement exercises workout. Without a doubt, the results will differ from one man to the next, depending on their physical factors and their overall dedication to their choices of exercises. Some men have reported improvements of half an inch in size or more after just two weeks, and up to three inches in size within a year of following certain penis exercises program. They also tend to report an increases in girth size, as well as improvements in erection strength and quality.
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It's true... You can enlarge your penis using just a few simple exercises and techniques! All it takes is a few minutes a day, and the results are permanent. It may sound hard to believe, but it really does work! These methods are 100% Natural. No pumps, pills, magic devices or silly gadgets, and definitely no surgery. To find out more visit: Increase Penis Size
No man wants to be known for his smallness down there. As much as possible, we men want to enhance our manhood, not only for cosmetics purpose but to also raise our confidence level when we are being intimate with our partners. But with so many possible ways to get a bigger penis, which is the best option you should start with today?
Try exercising your penis!
Many centuries ago, men practised the art of doing stretching exercises on their male organ in order to naturally enlarge its size. This is logical enough, as there were no such fancy gadgets or medications back then to help them in enhancing their manhood.
Even with the invention of penis enlargement pumps, penile extender tools, and male growth supplements, penis exercising is still truly a scientifically proven method to increase the size of your shaft!
But how can exercising help to improve the dimensions of your male organ?
The answer lies within your organ itself. Inside, two tissue-like channels called the Corpora Cavernosa, stores blood whenever you get sexually aroused. The filling of blood causes the Corpora Cavernosa to enlarge and expand the surrounding tissues. This results in your penis getting erected into a bigger size.
Add up to 4 inches to your penis size... starting today, RIGHT NOW!
By doing the right combination of stretching exercises on your manhood, you will actually enlarge the size and hence the capacity of these two channels to hold more blood. And that only means allowing your penis to erect into a significantly larger size than usual!
Plus, it is not that difficult if you want to start doing exercises to enlarge your penis. It only takes your own hands, a few minutes of your time in the morning, and some simple stretching routines.
One example stretching technique which you can perform on your penis to make it larger is as such:
1. Hold the tip of your male organ using the fingers of one hand
2. Slowly start to pull your organ away from you in a straight direction
3. Once you reach the maximum stretch without feeling any pain, maintain for 15 seconds
4. Release your stretch and relax your penis
5. Repeat the same routine several more times each morning
Yes, it can be as easy as that!
Of course there are several other more advanced stretching techniques which you can learn and perform as your progress. But they are also not at all complicated to do.
Not only is penis exercising medically known to work, but it is also a cheaper and more convenient option compared to buying expensive gadgets and medications which bring about more or less the same results.
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